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Quickly add menu items to your right-click Windows 7 desktop menu.


The Windows Explorer context menu provides a quick way to start frequently-used applications. Although there are quicker ways to access applications, such as placing program links in the Windows 7 taskbar or a third-party program launcher, the context menu is handy directly from within the Windows Explorer interface and does not require additional software to run in the background.

Program links in the Windows Explorer context menu – commonly referred to as the right-click menu -  can be edited in the Windows Registry. Users wary of hand-editing the registry can use the Your Menu application to generate new program links easily.

Your Menu allows users to add both single commands and submenus to the context menu. Single commands are usually links to executable files, such as Thunderbird or Firefox. Submenus contain several commands. Note that Your Menu refers to submenus as “cascading commands”. Each single command and cascading command also has an associated Menu Name.


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